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Waterjet cutting is the technique to cut semi-finished products from various sheet materials with the power of water and an abrasive.

Since 1992, we specialize in 2D, 3D Waterjet cutting, Micro cutting, and 6-axis Tube cutting. We invest in long-term relationships with our clients and acting always like a solid partner.

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Improve your products with our sustainable and cost effective methods


FlowCut Waterjet Cutting offers you sustainable and cost effective methods.

Every type of industry in need of a high-quality cutting technique for use with a wide variety of materials fits our company. Our industry partners demand the highest possible standards in accuracy and precision in which the preservation of the materials is essential. And we always deliver.

Throughout our company we have designed processes that help your business best:

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Recent projects

2D micro cutting of carbon

2D micro cutting of carbon

The challenge of this assignment was the 2D micro-cutting of parts from 5 mm thick panels of high-strength carbon fiber with an aluminum honeycomb core.

The ultimate goal was to reduce the weight of the components while retaining strength.

Aluminum composite honeycomb is very rigid and light due to the composition of the material. This makes it extremely suitable for Transport and Industrial applications.

The advantage of 2D Micro water cutting is that the material does not change the structure. The cutting edges are particularly well finished and there is hardly any burr formation.

The carbon components are cut to a tolerance of 0.2 mm, so that rework is absolutely no longer necessary. #FirstTimeRight.

3D tube cutting of finger couplings

It’s difficult to #MACHINE a welded composite pipe, but easy to #WATERCUT it.

The ultimate goal of this assignment was to realize 6 finger couplings, without post-processing. These stainless steel 304 finger couplings are used in machine construction and have the following dimensions:

Length 227 mm;
Diameter 190 mm and;
Wall thickness 8 mm.
They are composed of a pre-turned flange and a tube, which are welded together.

The advantage of 6-axis pipe cutting is that the product only needs to be clamped once. This saves time and money. In addition, the waterjet cutting prevents discoloration and deformation of the base material.


3D water cutting cone bottom

3D water cutting cone bottom

The challenge of this assignment was the 3D water cutting of 14 fully curved plates from a preformed and extremely hard base material.

The basic material is a half-ball bottom made of 16Mo3. This material is used as a weldable steel in the manufacture of industrial boilers and steel pressure vessels in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Due to the chromium and molybdenum content of the material, 16Mo3 has excellent heat and corrosion-resistant properties.

The dimensions of the hemisphere:

  • Diameter 1900mm
  • Height 950mm
  • Wall thickness 30mm

‘Measuring is knowing’. That’s why we let the machine run a complete 5-Axis simulation beforehand to make sure there are no complications during the cutting process. For your imaging the simulation (afterward) in the video.

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High tech waterjet cutting process from A to Z

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting governs the high tech Waterjet Cutting process from A to Z. Our machinery is designed and fit to meet market standards. We can produce 24/7. Reliability is ensured by our in-house maintenance. And our extensive knowledge, combined with decades of experience, assures the best results.

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