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Waterjet Cutting of strong and lightweight materials to build the best cars

A lot has changed since the first steam-powered automobile capable of human transportation was built in 1769. The modern era has been one of increasing standardisation, platform sharing, and computer-aided 3D design ﹘ to reduce costs and development time.

Within the automotive industry, Waterjet Cutting has proven to be the best material cutting technique ﹘ in terms of:

waste management


prevention of distortion and structural change

We offer the ability to adjust tolerances to our suppliers’ needs and demands.

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State-of-the-art machinery

We provide a wide range of cutting options for industries such as the highly innovative automotive sector. Materials that are commonly processed with Waterjet Cutting include:

  • aluminum
  • carbon fiber
  • composite materials
  • foam
  • laminates
  • plastics
  • rubber
  • glass fiber
  • epoxy
  • PPS
  • Thermoplast

By using our state-of-the-art high tech machinery on cutting these materials, we create significantly shorter changeover times.

Waterjet Cutting is an extremely convenient and effective technique.

The primary advantage of Waterjet Cutting for the automotive sector is that components for prototypes and series production can be manufactured quickly and easily. We offer specialised solutions to cut semi-finished products, with a wide range in terms of sizes, contours, applications, tolerance levels and choice of material.

Waterjet Cutting – with or without an abrasive depending on the material – is an extremely convenient and effective technique for automotive applications. Depending on the needs of our supplier we are able to cut materials with 3D waterjet or Microjet Cutting techniques

Accuracy and speed of delivery are guaranteed

These are very important requirements to consider in the construction of vehicles. FlowCut Waterjet Cutting delivers both. Our Waterjet Cutting process provides a consistent level of  high-quality and lower material consumption, thanks to our proprietary modern nesting software. And the products are delivered on time, so production delays on our clients’ end are never an issue.

constantly high quality level with our 3D water jet cutting solutions

The industry of automotive engineering is constantly evolving ﹘ with forward-thinking innovations to meet newer, more advanced challenges and requirements. Being an ISO 900-certified company, FlowCut Waterjet Cutting can easily anticipate the rapidly changing market. As automotive applications evolve, we constantly meet the highest level of quality to supply manufacturers with 3D Waterjet Cutting solutions.

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