Waterjet Cutting for the marine industry

The ideal solution for the complex cutting.

Waterjet cutting for shipbuilding

Waterjet Cutting is the ideal solution for the complex cutting required for marine components. That is why shipbuilding is a sector where FlowCut Waterjet Cutting is an active, reliable partner.

For a long time now, we have had the pleasure of working with large shipyards and boat builders, to cut a wide variety of marine specification parts ﹘ from gaskets and moldings to brackets and plates.

Prevention of thermal damage

The fact that this cold cutting technology produces precise cuts and uses absolutely no heat, which would cause thermal damage to certain materials, makes it the superior cutting method of choice for the marine industry.

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FlowCut Waterjet Cutting represents the highest degree of quality and reliability

Quality and reliability are very important to the Marine industry. FlowCut Waterjet Cutting has proven to shipbuilders that our company adheres to the strictest production conditions, under the supervision of Lloyd’s, TÜV or Vertias ﹘ ensuring the traceability of products and  materials.

And we have the certification documents (3.1 and/or 3.2) to  prove it. Simply put, we meet the highest industry standards for shipbuilding. We are ISO 9001-certified and have been working for large shipyards and luxury yacht builders in Europe for many years.

Materials used in construction of ships and repair of parts and components

Waterjet Cutting is perfectly suited for the wide spectrum of materials used in shipbuilding, such as Mirror, Stainless steel 316 / 304 and Aluminum 5083 / 6082. The marine industry work of FlowCut Waterjet Cutting focuses on the construction of ships, but also the repair of parts and components.

So we effortlessly cut major components for:

  • ​the propulsion and drive axles
  • stabilizers
  • stainless steel portholes
  • parts for assembly and maintenance of the ships.

Indeed, shipbuilders benefit greatly from the three main advantages of our cold cutting technology: accuracy, precision and quality.

Microjet Cutting with the narrowes tolerances

FlowCut Waterjet Cutting offers ultra-modern, high-techMicrojet Cutting. This allows us to produce both 2D and 3D cuts on materials with very narrow tolerances ﹘ without the need for a structural change or any deformation of the base material occurring during the operation.

This is essential for the preservation of dimensioning and the quality of the products. 2D and 3D Microjet Cutting works seamlessly with the ever smaller components and modules used in shipbuilding.

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